Welcome Retailers!

When we started, back in the old days, before the internet, our product was first introduced to small feed stores and tack shops throughout the Northwest. We opened our first store, American Feed and Farm, located in Buckley, Washington, in 1989. We opened our 5,000th store, Ranch and Home Supply, located in Littleton, Colorado, in 2004, (now Murdoch’s Ranch and Home).

Every day we receive calls from potential customers looking for Schreiner’s and wanting to buy it in their local area. With outlets located in every state, we are able to direct them to the nearest dealer.

Today we have thousands of stores across the US and Canada who stock our products including pet stores, feed stores, veterinary clinics and tack shops. If you would like to join our family of dealers and purchase at wholesale pricing, please contact me directly at 1.800.223.4325

Jeffrey Schreiner