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Schreiner’s for Horses

(29 customer reviews)


Schreiner’s Herbal Solution is a simple, safe, and effective topical herbal application for horses and farm stock.

Schreiner’s promotes healing in open wounds, post surgical sites, cuts, fungi, and other skin infections. The formula has been recommended by veterinarians for over 20 years. By fighting infection and eliminating proud flesh, Schreiner’s makes the healing time a shorter and more comfortable process. This herbal formula is a wonderful alternative to patent medicines.

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The natural alternative to conventional medicine for the treatment of wounds, cuts, bruises and skin disorders. Made from six of the world’s most time honored medicinal herbs.

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Schreiner’s Original Formula is 100% guaranteed. If you are unhappy with our product for any reason, simply return the bottle to us, along with your receipt, and you will receive a full refund.

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16oz Refill, 8.5oz Spray, Internet Special – 1 16oz Refill, 1 8.5oz Spray, & 1 4oz Saddle Bag

29 reviews for Schreiner’s for Horses

  1. SANDI ROCHA (verified owner)

    Great for all things

  2. Judith Graves

    Why have I never heard of this before now??? Horse-keeper since 1970 and it’s new to me. Vet says hind pastern “scratches”
    due to continued Fecal Water Syndrome, caused by extreme gray horse under tail melanomas, are hard to get rid of. But,
    your product and daily wash with $ Tree antibacterial soap have them almost gone!!! I’ll keep a bottle of this on hand always.

  3. Amanda Pisano

    Had so many insane wounds on horses and dogs and even my daughter and friend that almost lost a finger to a chainsaw accident that was completely healed with no evidence of injury! It would be insane to not have this in your cabinet. And as a nurse, I wish we had it in the hospital!

  4. Stacie Brown

    Love the stuff

  5. Diane Brady

    I use this for all my animals

  6. Jess mckibben

    Great product

  7. Crystal L Bush

    Great product

  8. justion

    Works great

  9. Sharon Toth (verified owner)

    Schreiner’s is the miracle product. I’ve been using it for 16 years and am still amazed how it heals even the worst wire cuts. I recommend it to all my horse friends, and wouldn’t use anything else. Here in West Virginia few people have heard of it, but they won’t be in the dark for long.

  10. Lacy Wilt

    We have heard great things about your products and we would like to try them.

  11. Rachel

    Love this product

  12. Ashley

    Recently used Schreiner’s on a heifer that had rubbed a sore on her side. The flies had the sore very inflamed. I was able to put the solution in a spray bottle with considerable “stream” spray power and spray the heifer from 4 to 5 feet away. Worked wonderfully. I was amazed at how quickly it started to heal even with the heat and flies agitating it.

  13. Samantha Simmons

    I swear by this to everyone!

  14. Elaine Christopher (verified owner)

    Love this product for all my pets injuries….it heals things that no other products heal and vets are stumped over!! The most miraculous healing was with my bitch whom had mastitis so bad it blew a hole in her teat the size of a child’s fist. Vet had all sorts of ideas of what to do but I needed her to be able to continue to nurse her pups. Schreiner’s not only began healing it immediately but the pups were able to continue nursing with no side effects and within 2 weeks there was almost no sign that anything had happened. I also lent it to a friend whose dog had been in and out of the vet for over a year for a really bad leg infection….Schreiner’s began healing it within 3 days (I had told her about the product but she wouldn’t try it until she got desperate…could have saved herself hundreds of dollars).

  15. Mary odom

    I love this stuff it has always worked wonders, but I do have a question, my horse cut the bulb of her heel and It needs to be wrapped, can I wrap it while using the herbal solution

  16. Gail Schuett

    I have been using this product for a year on my horse and so far I have had good results and will continue to use it!! Thank you for good products that are not harmful chemicals!!

  17. Glen Brown

    I’ve used this product for over 20 years on my pets and on my own wounds. Found it in English and Western trade shows all over the country. It is an amazing product for cleansing and healing any wound.

  18. julie nicholson

    Great product

  19. Cindy

    I love how this works! My mare is always finding trouble, and whenever she gets a wound, Herbal Solutions helps it to start healing immediately. Within 24 hours the wound starts scabbing over. My vet and my horse-owning friends and I all recommend it.

  20. William Jay Simpson

    very good product.

  21. Tawnya Crute

    This stuff works…

  22. Kimberly Christen

    Amazing healing, my horse had a mass removed and even the vet is astonished at how fast he is healing.

  23. Dawn Dreher


  24. Rachel Burley

    In a word….indispensable. I would not be without it. We used it on a bad wire wound on a rescue mare’s hind leg. If you didn’t know where to look you can’t find a scar. This mare also stabbed herself with a temporary fence post (it flipped in to the air when she ran into the tape fence, she then proceeded to run into the flying post and stab herself in the forearm) This injury also healed with no scar/infection/proud flesh. It’s an absolutely essential part of our farm first aid kit. I could go on all day.

  25. Tony Sikora

    I have approximately 20 horses on our horse farm and have been using Schreiners for over 20 years for wounds and it really speeds the healing process. I have told clients, friends and vets how great it work see. We show registered Belgian draft horses and would not be without it.

  26. Anna Toomey

    I have used your product for over fifteen years. Currently using it to treat a case of canker. Have you heard of the herbal spray being used for canker treatment before?

    • Jeff Schreiner

      Hello Anna!

      No, we have not had any reports of our product being used for canker, although I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t help. Our best to you! Jeff

  27. William Jay Simpson

    I have used this product for years, the best wound treatment in the world!

  28. Melissa

    Love this product. I have used it conventionally for quite some time and it works wonders on wounds. A little bit ouchy but does wonders. I have since found a somewhat unconventional use for this…my show dog is having incredible contact allergies on his feet this spring, lots and lots of licking. Red irritated skin, missing hair…a big mess! I had tried all of the typical “no lick” sprays and he acted like it wasn’t even on his feet. Having mostly given up I decided to spray this on his feet to potentially aid in healing the inflamed skin and he wouldn’t touch it! He occasionally gets brave and does a little test lick but thats it, also it helps keep his feet nice and healthy. Great product…again the only cons are that it does sting on skin that is open.

  29. Kris VandeBerg

    I have been using Schreiner’s for horses for approximately 20 years. I have yet to find a better product. It promotes fast healing, leaves no proud flesh and hair grows back over the injury which is the same color as the horse – not the usual white hair that sometimes grows in. I can not say enough good things about this product. I’ve even used it on myself on everyday wounds and on surgical wounds. I’ve had doctors comment that it’s amazing how well I’ve healed and with minimal visual scarring. I just smile and keep my secret. I do, however, promote it extensively in the animal world. It’s just amazing.

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