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Schreiner’s for Pets

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Schreiner’s Herbal Solution is a simple, safe, and effective topical herbal application for your pets.

Schreiner’s promotes healing in open wounds, post surgical sites, cuts, fungi, and other skin infections. The formula has been recommended by veterinarians for over 20 years. By fighting infection and eliminating proud flesh, Schreiner’s makes the healing time a shorter and more comfortable process. This herbal formula is a wonderful alternative to patent medicines.

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The natural alternative to conventional medicine for the treatment of wounds, cuts, bruises and skin disorders. Made from six of the world’s most time honored medicinal herbs.

Our Guarantee
Schreiner’s Original Formula is 100% guaranteed. If you are unhappy with our product for any reason, simply return the bottle to us, along with your receipt, and you will receive a full refund.

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7 reviews for Schreiner’s for Pets

  1. Tanya Richardson

    Great for horses too.

  2. Julie Thompson

    Max is my 10 year old Yellow Labrador. As with most dogs of this breed, he has suffered with hot spots for most of life. Recently, he started licking a large area of skin on his right hip. Overnight, he had completely licked off a 6″ patch of hair and skin from his hip. My neighbor saw me walking Max with a cone on his head. He recommended that I go to the feed store and pick up some Schreiner’s. I removed the cone when I applied the Schreiner’s and he immediately stopped licking. Overnight, new hair began to grow, the area that was raw and bleeding started formation of new skin with no scabbing. Within 3 days, the wound was healed. I recommend this product to all my neighbors and friends that have pets. And, praise Jeffrey Schreiner for developing a product that works so well. Mr. Schreiner’s Guarantee of Satisfaction was one of the first things that impressed me. He states “If you are unhappy with this product for any reason, give us a call and I will make it right. You have my word on it.” Jeffrey Schreiner. His signature is on every bottle. I doubt Mr. Schreiner receives very many calls with complaints. This is truly a wonderful product.

    Julie Thompson, Owner of a Happy Labrador

  3. E. Malkowski

    I have 3 boston terriers, one of them scratches and mutalates skin on his ears, sometimes has red spots on his legs, chest, underarms. Has a bald spot on top of his head that is bumpy. We thought he had mites. Allergy test say he is allergic to storage mites, dust mites, grass, weeds. Vet wanted to give him bravecto every 3 months, allergy shots for life, steriods and antibiotics. We tried to boost his immune system with food supplements and omega oils, no grain diet. I have tried coconut oil with tea tree oil, neem oil among other things, benedryl and special shampoos. It contined to get worse over the past 6-8 months. My husband found a partial bottle of the Schreiner’s Herbal solution in our stock that was so old he couldn’t remember why he had bought it. Started using it and within a week my dogs sores are almost all gone and he has new hair growing in the bald areas and scratching alot less. Going to purchase a new bottle and continue to use on him. This has been a truly amazing product. Don’t want to be without it. Thanks so much.

  4. Stephanie Case (verified owner)

    We have sold the Schreiner’s Herbal Solution in our online store and also use it for our own dogs. It works amazingly well on the beginnings of a hot spot in our old dog and we’ve also used it for other minor spots and sores. Wonderful product and highly recommended!

  5. Amber (verified owner)

    My Sister told me about Shreiner’s and swears by it. They first used it on a horse who had been cut by a fence. It worked amazing so now she uses it on everyone and everything from cuts and scrapes to sores, wounds, and rashes. It’s been used at her house on cows, horses, cats and dogs. I personally use it for my 16 year old dog who gets sore spots in between her paws from licking and it clears those up immediately. I’ve also used it on many other things. I love this stuff and recommend it to everyone. Using all natural herbs and extracts is so much better for you and your animals than products containing weird chemicals.

  6. gina

    Stopped my dogs scratching and cleared his hot spots, and healed his skin condition in a short time

  7. Marvin Williams

    Used some from a friend and it stopped the hot spots itching on my 12 year old Yorkie

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