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I would like to share these photos with all at Schreiner’s and to all who may use or think of using Schreiner’s Herbal Solution. This is ‘Shez Locked N Loaded’ aka Belle. She was born June 8th 2007. On Aug 6th 2007 just a couple days before she turned 2 months old, this horrible accident occurred. This filly is amazing. Not only did she endure a 35 mile trip to her vet with this gaping wound, she has endure the flushing and scrubbing with Schreiner’s daily. The first 6 photos are the wound about an hour after it happened, the next 6 are the following day after the vet put 56 staples and over 100 stitches to repair what we could. The lower portion had to be left opened due to the tightness of her skin over the hip. We tried every way even with both of us pulling the skin to bring both pieces together. No luck. The last 5 photos are 1 week following the accident. As you can see in the last photos the muscle tissue is starting to granulate and fill in. The wound oozes a large amount of goo. However between antibiotics and the daily cleansing it is not infection, just sloughing of bad flesh. I will send more photos soon. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks again for such an amazing product and for allowing us to share our story with you and your clients. Sincerely Jennifer Cline and Belle


Jennifer ClineGlendale, OR
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