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Amazing Story

Hello! wrote to you last summer after an accident with my horse. I have used Schreiner’s spray on the wounds and have had great results. I am sending you pictures of the first 4 weeks of healing. I have other pictures that have not turned out as well. She has very little scarring on her left hind leg as you will see from more current pictures. Her right hind leg still has some scarring visible on the medial and anterior hock. Otherwise it looks great. For the first 6 weeks I used Schreiner’s twice a day and cleaned the wounds with Betadine every 3-4 days. I was also walking her twice a day. I have continued to use Schreiner’s daily on the remaining wounds. Here is my story: On the 4th of July I had a lesson with a trainer I had hired to help me start my 3 year old Morgan mare. It was my 15th ride on her. He decided it was time to take her out on the trail. He rode another horse and was behind and on our right on a trail above the river. She balked at a couple of places where water crossed the trail, but continued forward. I had never been on this trail so when we came to a wooden bridge I assumed it was over a little stream. Bushes obscured the view so I could not see below the bridge. My horse started across the bridge, then stepped to the left and her left hind leg slipped off the bridge. I tried to ride her out and she was trying, but I felt her slip and drop down. I reached up to grab the brush and she fell out from under me. I don’t remember anything until we were both sliding down a cement overflow ditch dropping down to the river. She was ahead of me on her back, kicking in the air. She had gone over backwards into the drainage after I grabbed the brush. We both ended up in the river and she just started swimming with the current. I got to the shore and tried to keep up with her. A fisherman in a one man tube picked me up and rowed me to the other side of the river where she had gotten out and she wouldn’t let any of his friends near her. Both her back legs were bleeding. I had to lead her through the brush and dead fall to get to the other side where my trainer was bringing a trailer. Only we found we were on an island and had to cross more water. Another rider helped us cross and make our way through her pasture to the road. The vet came out and stitched her right hind leg and put a compression bandage on it. This stayed on for a week. I began immediately treating the other wounds with Schreiner’s and treated the bandaged ones after the first week. I was using a large container every week for the first 6 weeks. The wound healing is nearly complete as you will see with the next pictures I will send. Unfortunately there is some soft tissue damage in her right leg which will take some time to heal. I will send current pictures soon so you will appreciate the amazing healing that has taken place! Sincerely, Lorinda Smith



Lorinda SmithFlorence, MT
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