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Deanna, from Amazon.

We discovered Schreiner’s Solution in 1986 and have been advocating it’s amazing healing powers ever since. I owned a pet center and grooming salon for 23 years and we used it nearly exclusively for wound and abrasion management. My father’s horse ran into barbwire in the 1990’s with terrible consequences. His Vet advised euthanasia. I ran to ship a case of  Schreiner’s to my Dad. Witnessing the almost magical results of healing and the rapid recovery and amazing results, his Vet began selling the product and using it in his clinic. Our family makes sure we always have an ample supply in readiness and we also use it in a multitude of ways for our animals, pets, and human healing. I could not recommend any product more highly. I have always wished it was available in half gallon size.


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