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No Scarring

Thank you so much! We wish we would have known about your product when this accident happened. Our beautiful sorrel paint filly was just weaned when she got pushed into a 4 inch spike on our fence we failed to trim off. Her gash was that same 4 inches deep and about 6 or 7 inches long. Immediately we had her stitched up, Oct 9, 2006, but it was in a bad spot that the Vet could not guarantee the stitches would hold – and they didn’t We stupidly tried again a few days later, drain tubes and all. On Nov.7th the Vet’s assistant told us about your product THEY SOLD RIGHT IN THEIR OFFICE. The wound began to heal immediately. This photo is Nov. 12th. This is what it looks like as of Jan’07. There is no evidence of scaring! Thank you again. Schreiner’s is ALWAYS going to be in our tack room!


The Deans
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