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Thank you so much!

I just had to tell you that I love you guys. I have some amazing photos I would like to send you. On September 22, 2007 my mare tore back foot open on some roofing material. She blew two arteries, tore a tendon and had two 1″ cracks down in to her hoof from her coronet band. She lost a lot of blood, but the vet worked on it and after 8 stitches it looked a lot better. About 6 days later we lost the flap of skin that was stitched on. We have been using the Schreiner’s everyday and her wound looks amazing. I have been using this product now for about 5 years. I love it!

The first two photos are from day 1. The mare tore the skin causing her to tear two arteries and she tore a tendon. The 3rd and 4th photos are from day 3. We lost the flap of skin about day 6. the 5th photo is on day 8 and the final photo is day 12. Even though we lost the flap of skin, it served its purpose of protecting where the tendon was located. In the final picture you can see that the tendon has been covered with new skin. We still have a long recovery, but I definitely plan on keeping my Schreiner’s close by!!! Thank you so much!! Amy Barnett





Amy BarnettBelleview, FL
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