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Thanks for a great product. I have been using Schreiner’s many many years, with great success. However I have a story I would like to share with you. One week ago my 2 month old paint filly ‘Shez Locked N Loaded’ aka Belle had a collision with a gate latch. Belle lost. She has suffered a huge gaping hole on her right hip. With much muscle damage. We took her to the vet and repaired what we could. I told the vet I had Schreiner’s at home and even he thought using Schreiner’s would be a great idea. I have photos of the wound shortly after it happened and the day following the repair, now 1 week later. I would like to forward these photos to you so that you may/ or may not (your choice of course) use them on your website. I would also like to keep you informed and updated with new photos as Belle progresses. If this is something you may be interested may I have an email to send photos to. If not that’s OK too, I would really like to express my gratitude for a product that is so amazing. Sincerely Jennifer Cline and Belle


Jennifer ClineGlendale, OR
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