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The Best in Horse Wound Care

This is the very best in horse wound care. We had a proud flesh mass removed from her rear hock. Battling it’s return seemed impossible at times. We cast that leg everyday for 21 days then after the stitches came out; it was dangerous to be by her rear end. She was annoyed and stall crazy. Against vet orders, and after listening to an amazing farrier I started walking her a couple times a day and sprayed the wound with Schreiner’s.
In a week’s time it nearly vanished. That softball sized mass left a huge hole and believe it 100% true Schreiner’s saved her life and my sanity. Worth far more than just $20. It keeps proud flesh from returning and is promoting new skin growth. We are 3months post surgery and the hole is only the size of a nickel.

Kasee Garskee
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