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We All Say Thank You

WELL…I would like to be another testimonial!!! Star, an 8 yr old mare, had somehow gotten herself such a boo-boo! A 3-4 inch slash on her back left hip…oh my! Fortunately it did not slit her muscle…but you could see her muscle as the gash was at least 1″ open from skin to skin! I have so many different products I’ve accumulated…but yours was the one I felt most comfortable spraying on…3 times a day! What a place to get kicked from as well, eh? Most of the time….she “settled” into it and allowed me to spray her wound. anywho…’s done a great job healing…keeping off the bugs (better than “swat”)…etc etc. thank you!!! we all say…thank you! Lailja

Lailja Leila WareBronson, FL
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