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J. O.

The Schreiner Solution is beyond amazing for wounds, fungus or bacterial infections. Used for over 25 years, when it was first introduced. The same excellent ingredients continue to be used as in the original product.

With a background in medical technology, electron microscopy and as a registered nurse, used on animals as well as humans among family and my friends, there is no hesitation in my recommendation of this superior solution.A caring female rider making contact with her horse.

From a review on Amazon:

I’m glad I bought Schreiner’s. Had a mare get a bad chest injury. Vet was amazed at her healing ( no proud flesh). Have used it on goats, cats, dogs, myself and family. His knee replacement? You can barely see the scar!
I have given away lots of the tiny bottles, and even a few larger spray bottles when someone really needed to use this. I’m almost out, and ordering again now. It prevents infection, promotes healing and circulation. It has regrown muscle, skin, and hair on a cat that was caught in farm equipment. We have extensive medical training here, and suggest consulting your vet or physician for extreme cases. But with Schreiner’s you will not be disappointed.

From a review on Amazon:

I run a non-profit rescue for ill, injured and disabled animals. We took a cat from another state who’d had a non-healing wound for almost an entire year. I thought I’d try some Schreiner’s I’d had in the Infirmary for a while. It absolutely saved his life. With 2-3 sprays per day, his wound healed entirely in a matter of about 5 weeks, with noticeable improvement in just a couple days. He was adopted and is doing great! I attribute his healing to Schreiner’s.

This stuff is magic! I will always have it on hand.

We had a horse with a gash in his neck who subsequently got 9 staples in his neck and tore out 3. The wound was open and oozy on one side. We treated 3-4 times a day with Schreiner’s,
and it has healed beautifully. I have used this numerous times before for proud flesh, rashes and rain rot, cuts, scrapes and stitched areas as well as open wounds, and I swear by it.
I have also given it to others who are now believers. This along with vigilant aftercare is all you need, and is so easy to apply!

A Cowboy calmly going back home, while watching the sunset.

This is the very best in horse wound care. We had a proud flesh mass removed from her rear hock. Battling it’s return seemed impossible at times. We cast that leg everyday for 21 days then after the stitches came out; it was dangerous to be by her rear end. She was annoyed and stall crazy. Against vet orders, and after listening to an amazing farrier I started walking her a couple times a day and sprayed the wound with Schreiner’s.
In a week’s time it nearly vanished. That softball sized mass left a huge hole and believe it 100% true Schreiner’s saved her life and my sanity. Worth far more than just $20. It keeps proud flesh from returning and is promoting new skin growth. We are 3months post surgery and the hole is only the size of a nickel.

Kasee Garskee

We discovered Schreiner’s Solution in 1986 and have been advocating it’s amazing healing powers ever since. I owned a pet center and grooming salon for 23 years and we used it nearly exclusively for wound and abrasion management. My father’s horse ran into barbwire in the 1990’s with terrible consequences. His Vet advised euthanasia. I ran to ship a case of  Schreiner’s to my Dad. Witnessing the almost magical results of healing and the rapid recovery and amazing results, his Vet began selling the product and using it in his clinic. Our family makes sure we always have an ample supply in readiness and we also use it in a multitude of ways for our animals, pets, and human healing. I could not recommend any product more highly. I have always wished it was available in half gallon size.


My name is Jennifer Decker, and I am a former employee of Santolina Farm, Inc. I recently came across some pictures taken of a mare I worked with back in the winter of 2002/2003, and have since written a full testimonial to her case on my blog (the exact post is located at Please, feel free to use these images as testimony of your product’s ability. I am a full supporter of it! Thank you for such a fantastic product. Sincerely, JLDecker



Jennifer DeckerTuscon, AZ

This is a GREAT product! I had a puncture wound on the forearm of my gelding and after a couple of weeks I still could not get it to heal. I had proud flesh coming along with flies on it. I tried costic powder, corona, wonder dust and anything I could find to use, to no avail. A friend who had used Schreiner’s Herbal Solution suggested I try it. I had not even heard of it but I found it at a feed store 40 miles away and got some. I put it on that evening and I couldn’t believe my eyes the next morning, What a huge improvement. Now after only a couple of weeks of use the wound is almost completely healed. It’s a wonder drug! Thanks for a great product and it will always be in my tack room. Judi Petersen

Judi PetersonGlenville, CA

WELL…I would like to be another testimonial!!! Star, an 8 yr old mare, had somehow gotten herself such a boo-boo! A 3-4 inch slash on her back left hip…oh my! Fortunately it did not slit her muscle…but you could see her muscle as the gash was at least 1″ open from skin to skin! I have so many different products I’ve accumulated…but yours was the one I felt most comfortable spraying on…3 times a day! What a place to get kicked from as well, eh? Most of the time….she “settled” into it and allowed me to spray her wound. anywho…’s done a great job healing…keeping off the bugs (better than “swat”)…etc etc. thank you!!! we all say…thank you! Lailja

Lailja Leila WareBronson, FL