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Cleaning Wounds for Horses

 Step 1: Clean the wound

After the decision has been made to stitch or not to stitch, treatment of most wounds is the same. To begin, thoroughly clean the wound using cold water.

Step 2: Apply Schreiner’s®

Apply Schreiner’s® liberally to the wound and surrounding area twice daily. Spraying the surrounding area soothes trauma and keeps flies away.

Step 3: Dress wound properly (if necessary)

Wrapping the wound may be necessary, particularly in the early phase of treatment or if there is bleeding. It is critical that the wound be allowed to
“breathe.” If you must bandage, use gauze and porous tape, and do not wrap the wound so tight as to prevent adequate circulation. The wrap should be changed regularly.

Step 4: Continue to clean wound every third or fourth day

Thoroughly clean the wound with cold water under pressure (a garden hose with a nozzle attached works great) and remove any new scab. Apply Schreiner’s® twice a day. Continue this treatment until the wound is healed.