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Cleaning Wounds for Other Pets

 From alpaca to zebra

We like to say “from alpaca to zebra” because we have used Schreiner’s® on a multitude of other animals in between (from bunnies to yaks)! And just as you would reach for your own first-aid kit for less than serious wounds, you can pick up a bottle of Schreiner’s® for an immediate solution.

We are always delighted, and sometimes surprised, by the letters and emails (many with pictures) we receive and that is why we include many of these testimonies on-line to help you decide if Schreiner’s® is right for your pet and your situation.

For all practical purposes you would apply Schreiner’s® to the affected area, having washed the site and allowed it to dry. Be careful to avoid the area around the eyes. If it is a serious wound, or if there is severe bleeding, consult your veterinarian immediately. If you are experienced with treating minor wounds or skin care issues, proceed as instructed on the bottle.